Former Mayor Harold Miller recalled fondly

    “It’s a sad day for Decatur,” said mayor John Schultz when informed of the passing of former Decatur mayor Harold Miller, 83, who died Tuesday at Woodcrest Retirement Community.
    Schultz said he feels those who step forward to serve the community are greatly unappreciated, and Miller was no exception.
    “He was a great mayor,” he said, “and a personal friend of mine. In fact, he’s the one who got me involved in politics. There’s a special bond between mayors. You put politics aside and appreciate each other.”
    Former mayor Fred Isch echoed Schultz’s sentiments when informed of Miller’s death.
    “Once you go through the office and see what really happens with the citizens, the various boards, the media ... there’s definitely a bond there.”
    Isch, who followed Miller as mayor, and Schultz were deeply saddened by the news,  and extended their sympathies to Miller’s family.
    “He was a good man, a good friend and very well-liked,” said Isch. “He did a lot for the city of Decatur. He was a people’s mayor.”
    Miller served as Decatur’s mayor from 1976-1988.
    A complete obituary appears on Page 3 of today’s Democrat.