FIRST PERSON Sandwich Shop an example of what Stellar can mean

    Staff photographer Mike Lamm and I arrived in Delphi Wednesday about 45 minutes early for our scheduled meeting with Mayor Randy Strasser. It was by design, as we had left ourselves a little extra time to absorb the “flavor” of the small city before meeting with its chief executive to discuss his experience in landing a Stellar Communities grant.
    It was lunchtime, and we were hungry. And it took only a short stroll through the downtown business district until we knew we had found our destination. The name of the business said it all: The Sandwich Shop. As luck would have it, sandwiches were just what we had in mind.
    We walked into the intimate little eatery, found a booth and were immediately greeted by a cheerful waitress. Meanwhile, the other patrons seated on bar stools were trading laughs with the employees working behind the U-shaped counter. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves — workers and customers alike. The banter and barbs were just what one might expect in a small, tight-knit community.
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