Finally, some rain...with the heat

    Well, at least we got some rain.
    Amid this week's sweltering heat wave, a thunderstorms rolled through Decatur shortly before 3 a.m. today, dropping some much-needed rain on the area. Decatur weather station officials reported a measurement of .34 of an inch.
    It was only the second measurable rain of July and just the third since June 24, weather station officials said. On July 12, .07 an of inch was recorded, and on June 24, just .03 of an inch. That's been the sum of the city's rain until this morning.
    Meanwhile, the temperature topped out at 94 here on Monday, with a heat index around 104. And no real hope for relief is on the immediate horizon.
    The Associated Press said Peru had the highest heat index in Indiana, hitting 110 degrees at 3 p.m. with a temperature of 89 and a dew point of 83.  The heat index hit 105 in Auburn and 104 in Lafayette and Goshen.
    The National Weather Service said Decatur-area residents would see a high near 92 today, with a heat index as high as 103. A stiff west wind on Monday provided some minor relief, but today's west wind was forecast to be between only 5 and 10 mph. Skies will be partly sunny.
    Chances of rain today and tonight — when the low will be around 71 — are listed at just 30 percent.
    No chance of rain is in the Wednesday forecast, which calls for a high near 94 and a heat index of up to 102,  under mostly sunny skies. Some patchy fog is possible in the morning.
    Thursday could be the hottest yet, with the temperature stretching up to 96 degrees. Friday's high is predicted to be around 93, Saturday's around 92, Sunday's ... well, we all get the picture.