EP Graphics on the grow with addition of Mignone company

    After receiving approval from the city of Berne last year for a 10-year tax abatement, representatives of EP Graphics met with city council Monday evening to request approval of the annual abatement form CF-1 that states the company is in compliance with the terms of the original abatement.
    Indiana companies applying for an abatement are required to file a statement of benefits, stating the amount of investment the company is requesting an abatement on, as well as the number of jobs and salaries that will be created with the investment. The company is then required to file annually, for the length of the abatement, a CF-1 form showing whether they were able to meet the terms of the abatement. If the company is found to not be in compliance with the term of the abatement, the continuation may be denied.
    The original abatement involved a $6 million dollar expansion and the addition of 10 new employees. Tyler Kitt, president and CEO of EP Graphics, told council Monday he was unable to disclose the company was in the process of acquiring Mignone Communications out of Huntington when the company originally requested the abatement because negotiations were still in the works at the time.
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