Engle named to plan commission

    Mayor John Schultz made his final appointments for 2012 at Decatur City Council's final meeting meeting of 2011, held this week, and rescinded three he had made at the previous meeting.    
    The only new appointment was the selection of outgoing council member Barb Engle to the city plan commission, replacing Max Anderson. The latter, who just completed his first four-year term, asked not to be renewed due to time constraints, the mayor said.
    Meanwhile, Tim Baker will continue as city attorney, Bill Karbach and Ken Meyer will serve new terms on the board of works and safety, and Kara Martin got a second term on the city park board. All of those appointments are for four years.
    The mayor also pointed out that although he appointed three council members — Matt Dyer, Meyer and new councilman Cam Collier — to the plan commission at the previous meeting, those appointments weren't his to make, but council's. In short order, council confirmed the same three.
    Also at the meeting:
    • The plan which sets forth how the city will spend its County Economic Development Income Tax (CEDIT) funds over the next two years was approved on its final reading.
    • A resolution transferring money from one fund to another within several city department budgets was approved.
     • A resolution encumbering funds in the parks and rec department and the fire department was approved. It allows funds in the current budget to be carried over to 2012 to pay for certain items.
    • The mayor said he has been told the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) project to redo some traffic signals on Monroe St. should be done by the end of February. Signs warning motorists of the work have been up (or laid down) in the city for weeks.
    Schultz was told the project has two phases, Gas City first, Decatur second, and work currently is going on at the former..