Eichhorn due in court Thursday

    Former Decatur Storm Water Management Director Joan Eichhorn is scheduled to make an appearance in Adams County Circuit Court at 2 p.m. Thursday for a change of plea/sentencing hearing.    
    The former city employee is expected at that time to accept or reject a plea bargain agreement reportedly negotiated by the county prosecutor and Eichhorn's attorneys.
    Eichhorn was indicted last year by an Adams County grand jury on charges of theft and fraud for incidents that allegedly occurred in late 2011. The incidents involve allegations that a fraudulent website was set up to allow Eichhorn to take a trip to Florida at the city's expense.
    Eichhorn, who had headed the city's storm water department since its inception in March of 2004, resigned that post on Dec. 14, 2011.
    At the time it was announced that she had resigned for “personal reasons” and had reimbursed the city for almost $5,000 in claims which she submitted and which were disputed by the city.
    City Attorney Tim Baker said at a Board of Works hearing that Eichhorn had not made any admission of wrongdoing.