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    With so many remakes and sequels being made these days it's nice to have some being made that are actually well done. More often than not these types of films are rushed into production and rarely come close to being as original or fun as the first films. Such is not the case with MEN IN BLACK 3.
     Believe it or not it's been 10 years since the last film in this series. Agents K (Tommy Lee Jones) and J (Will Smith) are still cleaning up alien disasters on Earth and saving mankind even though mankind has no clue that it's going on. The head of their organization, Zed, has passed away and the memorial for him is less than, well, memorable. J still can't get K to open up. And then a crisis happens.
     At the prison facility on the moon, the worst scum of outer space has broken loose. Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) has escaped. Captured and put in this prison as well as having his arm shot off by K 40 years ago, Boris wants nothing more than revenge. His plan is to escape, get back to Earth and go back in time to make sure K never gets past their original meeting.
    All of this happens with the exception of J remembering K like nothing has changed. When he goes to work, no one there understands why he thinks K is his partner since K was killed 40 years earlier. That is until he talks to O (Emma Thompson). She realizes that time has been altered. When an attack on Earth by Boris and the rest of the group from his planet begins, J must go back in time to make sure that he doesn't have the chance to alter things thus saving not only the world by K as well.
    The first thing that makes this work so well is the story. It's not a rehash of past films and gives us something new to consider. It also allows the closeness between the two partners be developed a little more. While K displays nothing, deep down you catch glimpses of his fondness for J.
    The second thing that makes this movie click is the performance by Josh Brolin as the young K. Not only does his appearance almost uncannily like that of Jones, he has his mannerisms and speech patterns down to a T. At times you might find yourself thinking that this is indeed a young Tommy Lee Jones and wonder how they were actually able to go back in time to get him for this part. But the fact is it's just that great of a performance by Brolin.
     Both Jones and Smith play their roles like there's been no time between the last film and this one. Jones continues to offer the most deadpan of stoic faces and Smith has the sarcastic quick wit of Agent J down like it's his normal way of behaving.
    Once again the special effects are fantastic and will have you pausing the DVD to get a better glimpse of each and every alien. Some seem to look familiar and others new, but each one is original and helps to create a realistic look for the encounters they have with the agents.
     More than anything this movie offers you a lot of fun. It's not as serious as the topic might sound even though any invasion of Earth by another life form from space would be quite serious. The laughs come easily and the drama that underlies the whole story, J's closeness and attachment to K, make it a complete story. If you want entertainment when renting, or buying, this week then you won't go wrong with this one.
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