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    Nicolas Cage has made some great movies and some bad. The sad truth is that lately he's made more mediocre films than ever. Perhaps that's because he's been making them at such a frantic pace; or at least it seems that way. In any event his latest thrille,r SEEKING JUSTICE, offers a decent night's entertainment but still finds itself in that so-so stack of Cage films.
    In the film Cage plays Will Gerard, an English teacher in an inner city school who is married to Laura (January Jones), a cellist with the local symphony. One night after practice while Will is playing chess with his best friend Jimmy (Harold Perrineau), Laura is attacked and raped when she gets to her car.
    Sitting in the hospital waiting room filled with dread and despair over the event Will is approached by a man sitting nearby. Introducing himself as Simon (Guy Pearce) he tells Will that this is not the first time this man has raped someone. He has the man's picture and shows him to Will.
    Then he offers him a chance for justice. He tells Will he might ask him for a favor in the future, no questions asked. In return, Simon and a group of like-minded individuals will take care of the rapist. All he has to do is give them a predetermined sign.
    Will makes the choice and gives the sign. Several days later he is given a picture of the rapist, who was shot and killed that night. The months go on and Will and Laura move forward. Then one day Simon shows up and asks Will if he's ready to repay his debt. When he thinks it involves his killing someone else, Will reneges on the deal. But Simon forces his hand and lets Will know he's willing to put Laura in danger if he doesn't go along.
    Will agrees and is instructed to meet a man they identify as a child molester on an overpass near the highway. Unable to bring himself to kill the man he tries to talk to him but the man attempts to fight Will and accidentally falls onto the street below to his death. While it appears Will has honored the contract, he later finds the police looking for him to arrest him for the murder. It turns out the man wasn't a molester at all but a new reporter.
    Avoiding the police and digging deeper, Will finds out the man knew something about the group that Simon is in charge of. On the run and trying to find a way out, Will follows the clues as to who this group is and how high up they go. With helps along the way, he tries to find a way out of the predicament he's gotten himself into.
    The movie offers a decent mystery here and a chase that last long enough and not too long to keep the action moving forward. The cast is excellent with the exception of Cage I'm sorry to say. Cage just doesn't feel like the meek type, the milk toast who finds it in himself to take on this group. It's not that his acting is bad but the casting of Cage in this role leaves a lot to be desired.
    As with any good thriller there are plenty of plot twists going on here. Some you may see coming while others will catch you off guard. All in all it's an entertaining film that will keep you guessing. It may not be Cage's best film but is by far not his worst.
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