Depot site of summer arts fair

    The 100-year-old former Pennsylvania Railroad depot in Decatur will be getting some public exposure next August as it becomes the site of an arts fair.
    Andy Gay, representing the local Friends of the Arts, a group which grew out of last year's "Cuties of Decatur" play, laid out details for city council at its meeting this week.
    The event will be held on August 25, the first Saturday of the annual Kekionga Festival.    "We want to showcase the depot and local artists," he noted.
    As many as 15 booths will be set up outside the depot as the entire day-long event will be held outdoors, Gay continued. One booth will be made available to each of the three public school systems in the county for displaying student works.
    It's just as well that the event is planned for outdoors, Mayor John Schutz said, as the city still has "some issues" with the floor in the depot. Working piece-meal as funds become available, the city has been shoring up, shaping up and cleaning up the Seventh St. structure for a couple of years now.
    Next up is the installation of a heating/cooling unit.