Delinquent properties headed for public sale

    Adams County Treasurer Tom Krueckeberg informed county commissioners of the pending sale of properties with delinquent taxes within the county at Tuesday’s weekly commission meeting.
    “We’re about two and a half weeks from our tax sale,” he informed the commissioners, pointing out there are in excess of 60 properties on the sale list, with nearly two-thirds of that number being repeats from last year’s sale. The majority of the people with delinquent taxes buy back their property at 10 percent above the appraised value of the real estate, Krueckeberg said.
    Some of the properties in question are extremely small parcels or strips of land which appeared on county plat maps following numerous surveys conducted by multiple vendors in connection to the closure of a golf course. “Many of these are small parcels” which were created by the disparities found when comparing one survey to another, Auditor Mary Beery pointed out.
    County Attorney Mark Burry noted that “these are not parcels which are large enough for someone to buy and improve.” He indicated he would research the possibility of selling the small parcels to adjacent property owners in order to remove them from tax roles and bring them back into the hands of responsible taxpayers.
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