Decatur man given 12-year prison term

    A Decatur man who pleaded guilty to burglary and six counts of theft received a 12-year prison sentence on Friday from Adams Circuit Court Judge Frederick A. Schurger.
    Gary R. Williams Jr., 24, pleaded guilty to burglarizing a house in Decatur on April 17, stealing a dirt bike from a Decatur business on April 2 and stealing gasoline from two Decatur stations on April 24 and May 12.
    Williams also admitted stealing a global positioning system (GPS) device on March 12 r, taking tools from a Decatur business on April 2, and taking eight video games from a Decatur business on September 15 of last year.
    He received a combined total of 21 years in prison, with nine years suspended, and will be on probation for nine years after release.
    Williams also must pay court costs, probation fees, and $2,642.28 in restitution for what he stole.
    He was given double-credit for having been in jail for 104 days.

Four years
    Also Friday, a four-year prison term went to Joshua L. James, 22, Fort Wayne, who pleaded guilty in circuit court to dealing in marijuana.
    James got a six-year sentence, with two years suspended, and will be on probation for two years. He must complete substance abuse counseling and was ordered to pay $533 in restitution as well as probation fees, a $250 fine, and $365 in court costs.

Earlier sentences
    Adams Circuit Court Judge Frederick A. Schurger on Thursday sent three defendants to prison.
    A four-year sentence went to Daniel I. Blevins, 23, Decatur, who pleaded guilty to failing to register as a sexual offender, which also violated the probation he received for conviction of sexual misconduct with a minor. He failed to register by moving and not giving local authorities his new address.
    Blevins received consecutive sentences of three years and one year and got credit for having been in jail from June 11 to September 1.
    He also must pay $165 in court costs.
    A two-year prison sentence was handed to John F. Peterson, 51, Willshire, Ohio, a former Decatur resident. He pleaded guilty on July 29 to driving after being given a lifetime license suspension as an habitual traffic violator.
    Peterson also owes $165.50 in court costs.
    Timothy E. Goforth, 31, address unavailable, pleaded guilty to illegal use or possession of a prescription drug and drew a 182-day prison term. He also was ordered to pay $365 in court costs.