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DDD Bracket Challenge heads to the Elite Eight

March 29, 2014

     With the tournament entering it's last seven games, the round of the Sweet 16 counts for three points a game bringing the grand total to a possible 88 points for each contestant. James Compton remains ahead of the pack as he actually increased his lead with six of the final eight slots correctly picked. Up to this point he also has predicted perfectly the entire East and West brackets with only Wichita State missing from his potential Final Four. There are no brackets with all four Final Four teams picked correctly and only one bracket who correctly identified both UConn and MSU coming out of the East bracket. 

      There are a few brackets with no more possibilities for gaining points after the Sweet 16. Those bracket scores in the following list are marked with an asterisk (*). The Elite Eight games count for four points a piece, while the Final Four will be five points and the National Championship winner earns brackets 10 points. 

69 points: James Compton
63 (1): Don Carper
62 (2): Austin Alanis, Max Eichenauer.
61 (3): Beau Butcher, Jim Pollock, Ricardo Torres. 
60 (5): Barbara Sheets, Ken Krause, Michael McGill, Shawn Geyer, Leon Byer.
59 (6): Ian Gilbert, Eric Mann, Karen Heller, Phyllis Smith, Jason Spiegel, Todd Martinez.
58 (10): Justin Manley, Elam K. Eicher, Pat Hoopingarner, Ron Manley, Jim McGill, Lee Hoopingarner, Mike "Fuzz" Meyer, Mary Ripley, John Baker, John Fuelling.
57 (8): Kathryn McGill, Tessa Spiegel, Willaim Ehrsam, Jim Voglewede, Dave Emenhiser, Paul Mankey, Lynn Ruble, Gabbie Weaver.
56 (5): Patrick McBarnes, (no name), Martin K. Eicher, Todd Fisher, Macey Spiegel.
55 (18): Dennis McBarnes, John Macklin, Mark Manley, Matt Lose, Leah Voglewede, Adam Sauerwine, Teresa Flaugher, Tim Zeser, Randon Ripley, Brendan Gilbert, Molly Carll, John Kenney, Zack Macklin, Phil Morgan, Gavin Hisner, Alena Wilson, Ed Hornick, Sandra Canales.
54 (16): Lori Miller, Ben Kahlert, Gareth Harvey, Ashley Benya, David Miller, Matt Manley, Richard Marbaugh, Emalese Fuelling, Mike Kahlert, Rob Knefelkamp, Quenton Benya, (no name), Mervin Eicher, Margo Knefelkamp, Adam Weaver, Tony Rekeweg.
53 (15): Jen Kahlert, Tonja Anweiler, Jim Cummings, Eunice Wynn, Jerry K. Eicher Jr., Stephen S. Hilty, James Voglewede III, Donald Benjamin, Jonathon Patterson, Greg Andrews, Yvonne Raudenbush, Chelsea Kuhnle, Andrew Gerber, Kevin Ripley, Rich Fisher.
52 (18): Jannaya Andrews (DDD Pro), Darlene Zeitvogel, Garrett Fuelling, Ben Fawbush, Steve Arnold, Larry Raudenbush, Ryne Slusher, Martin Hilty, Amy Weaver, Tonya Cornett, Pat Kessler, Lucas Strickler, Doug Anweiler, Michael Ellenberger, Jen Krueckeberg, Annie Meyer, Scott Heller, Barry Malone.
51 (18): Jim Hopkins (DDD Pro), Nathan Harvey, Alexis Harvey, Steve Harvey, Major Spiegel, Marge Harvey, Mary Nilsen, Jon Zeser, Cindi Malone, Alyson Spiegel, Helen Mankey, Ryan Knefelkamp, Gabriel Jones, Jarred McGill, Tim Weaver, Lawrence Bradburn, Jeff Strickler, Randy Scherer.
50 (9): Jeremy Razo, Rhonda Kahlert, Tim Wilson, Linda Wilson, Alex McGill, Ed H., Jim Fuelling, Stacie Knefelkamp, Wally Gregg.
49 (10): Mike Lamm (DDD Pro), Barb Meyer, Roger Manley, Harvey Schwartz, Alan Miller, Scott Macklin, Noah Macklin, Addie Schaefer, Daphne Wellman, Carolyn Marbaugh. 
48 (8): Ron Storey* (DDD Pro) Donald Lengerich, Peggy Fry, Jen Gerber, Peggy Hunter, Deryll Fox, Monica Schaefer, Linda Knittle.
47 (6): Ashley Thieme (DDD Pro), Isaiah Wellman, Tim Spade, Kristina Nichols, Gary Flaugher, Mindy Knefelkamp.
46 (7): Ralph Anweiler, Laura Spade, JJ Everett, Erica Blackburn, Craig H., Jerry Eicher, Rita H.*.
45 (5): Joe Spaulding (DDD Pro), J Swygart (DDD Pro), Tom Magnan, Sam Meyer, Andrew Schaefer*.
44 (3): Dylan Malone (DDD Pro), Sam Magnan, Kyli Mankey.
43 (5): Hope Wellman, Joe Lose*, Ty Mankey, Tim Fry, Dave Krueckeberg. 
42 (2): Raymond Ehrsam*, Cash McCardwell.
41 (2): Jane Selking, Briona Moore.
40: Norman Bergman.
37: Ashley Malone.
36: Alexis Mankey.
31: Melissa Bergman*.
30: John Bollinger*.
28: Pam Mohr.
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