DBA, Decatur Softball switch fields

    At the Adams County Parks & Recreation Board meeting Monday, it was noted and approved that the Decatur Baseball Association and the Decatur Softball Association will trade fields for the coming season and thereafter.
    The Decatur Clemente baseball league played last year basically on Field 4, just to the East of a park road entering Hannah-Nuttman Park from the South. The girls have long played at what was Field 3, just to the West of that road and next to the Decatur Men's Softball Field. That field will now go to the boys, while the Decatur Softball girls will play on the field closest to the other softball fields.
    The numbers of the fields have also been switched. Field three will be the designation for the girls field, and Field four will be the designation to the old girls field, now in possession of Decatur Baseball.
    The trade will put the boys' fields closer together and the girls fields closer to each other.
    Both leagues will be doing field work this spring to fill in low spots for the coming season.
    "There will be some confusion this year, but people will catch on quickly," stated long time Decatur Softball League President Deb Shannon.
    Registration for the Decatur Baseball Association leagues is ongoing, while the Decatur Softball League will conduct registration following Spring Break, beginning on March 27.