Cutting Corners

    Summer is usually hot. I say "usually" because Indiana doesn't seem to understand seasons and likes throwing whatever weather it wants at us. But I digress. Summer is usually hot.
    However, there are many ways to cool off. Like air conditioning, swimming, and ice cream. Especially ice cream. Unfortunately for those of us who would like other people not to scream when we show up in our bathing suits, ice cream is considered unhealthy. Note: It is only unhealthy for the body, so if you don't care about yours, eat up! The soul and heart adore ice cream.
    But for those of us who'd prefer some healthy alternatives, I've dug up a few. You might even find that you like some of these things even better than ice cream, which makes you a better person than I am.
    • Frozen yogurt—Okay, so fro-yo is arguably one of the best things ever. It comes in many of the same flavors, has a very similar texture, goes with all the same toppings, and is often comparable in price to ice cream. Also, there's that added, "This is healthier for me, so I can add more chocolate chips." Chocolate chips contain zero calories. This is how I sleep at night.
    • Frozen fruit—Try this if you haven't already. You can buy pre-frozen fruit at the store, but fruit you buy and freeze yourself is way better. Try frozen grapes, strawberries, blueberries, mango (seriously, frozen mango), papaya...all of it. Just freeze it and try it. Eat it by itself, add it to yogurt (frozen or not), throw it at your kids. The possibilities are endless.
    • Frozen mashed fruit—Buy cheap popsicle molds, mash up some fresh fruit, and freeze that. It tastes like success, health, and deliciousness. You can also do this with fruit juice. You could also freeze mashed fruit in ice cube molds and add them to yogurt and protein in a blender for a fast, healthy shake. Basically, you can freeze anything. Just go crazy.
    • Cut portions—If you eat less of it, it's less unhealthy for you. But who actually likes this option?
    There are plenty of healthy options. Chocolate  ... we're pretty limited to fro-yo. But I've always thought fruit is more refreshing in summer, while chocolate is more comforting in winter. Have fun with this!