Courthouse repair estimates soar

    The cost to repair damages to the electrical system at the Adams County Courthouse, which was zapped during severe storms that whipped through the area at the beginning of August, has jumped again.
    After a lightning strike damaged the courthouse elevator, air conditioning units, alarm systems, several computer systems and related software, the initial estimate for repairs was $20,000. Once repairmen began inspecting the damage, however, that figure jumped to approximately $60,000, according to Dave Meyer of building maintenance.
    IT Manager Landon Patterson reported to the county commissioners on Monday that damages to the computer and support equipment was much more involved than initially thought and the approximate cost to repair has jumped to a staggering $98,000.
    Patterson noted that this was just the estimate for the IT department and that the damaged HVAC units still have not been repaired.
    Commissioners are still looking into the repair costs and will determine how much of the cost will be covered by insurance before signing off on repairs.