County website may be getting a new look

    In his report to the Adams County Commissioners on Tuesday, county technical department head Landon Patterson announced that he is exploring the possibility of completely redoing the county's website.
    Patterson reported that at present, many departments don't like to keep their information on the website up to date because it isn't user-friendly. He also said that the website isn't very interactive, and is mostly just an information dump.
    Through a company called eGov Strategies, Patterson explained, all kinds of possibilities would open up to make the site more interactive and easier to use. Options include allowing online payments for taxes, traffic tickets, and anything else that needs to be paid through the county.
    Users would also be able to sign up for a Community Connect account, which would notify them by email of upcoming events in the county.
    Additionally, the county would be able to email users instead of mailing notifications, which might get lost in the mail or just buried in a pile of papers. Residents who have monthly bills to pay to the county could sign up for an automatic billing system, which would withdraw the amount due each month.
    Patterson said that he's still gathering information from department heads about what they would like or need for an interactive website. Once this stage is complete, he will obtain a quote based on what the county would need from eGov Strategies, which will hopefully send a representative to give a presentation to the commissioners about this at some point in the future.
    Patterson also reported that most departments, excluding Golden Meadows and the highway department, have had new phones installed. He said he is just waiting on two more pieces, which were on back-order, and then Golden Meadows and the highway department will be switched to new phones as well.