County jail is being spruced up

    The Adams County Sheriff's Department is sprucing up the county jail and facing different situations regarding three deputy sheriffs.
    Sheriff Shane Rekeweg made the report at Monday's meeting of the commissioners, saying the public areas of the jail have been repainted, the hallways are being repainted, and the cellblocks will be repainted as soon as possible because the number of inmates is temporarily down.
    Rekeweg said the jail can hold 59 inmates, but last week had between 40 and 50, which meanst that people could be shifted around to allow painting to be done.
    He added that lighter wall paint will be used to allow as much reflectivity from overhead lights as possible, since state inspectors said the cellblocks were not light enough. The cells have no windows.
    The sheriff also said that while the jail population has been down, the use of the county's work-release center, beside the jail, is up, with more than 17 people being housed.
    Rekeweg said the work-release building's two shower rooms were repainted and the floors were improved with nonslip material. Another project will soon use grout to level the entire work-release structure, since its northeast and southwest corners have begin to sag.
    In regards to the deputies situation, one is nearing retirement, one is still serving in the United States military, and one suffered a hand injury in an off-duty accident.
    On another matter, Rekeweg said he and County Attorney Mark Burry are writing an ordinance to charge fees to county residents convicted of sexual offenses. The fees, which have been instituted in almost all of Indiana's 92 counties, he said, will help cover the local costs to monitor such offenders: $50 per year and $5 per address change.