County to check out Music House

    At Tuesday's meeting of the Adams Country Commissioners, County Attorney Mark Burry presented a proposal from Schenkel and Schultz, a Fort Wayne engineering firm, to inspect the former Music House building for $3,200.
    The commissioners are looking at the now-vacant downtown building as a possible site for a new Adams Superior Court location.
    Chairman Doug Bauman said, "We have to investigate some alternative, and the Music House may be one. We won't know until we look."
    Bauman added that he would like to see a proposal from Schenkel regarding the feasibility of moving superior court into the Service Complex.
    Commissioners Ed Coil and Ken Fruechte agreed with Bauman's statement, saying it could be six to eight years for a multi-county/city building to be developed, and that's if the city council and commissioners can come to agreement.
    "We simply can't wait that long," Fruechte said.
    The current building which houses the superior court, as well as the probation department, has been the topic of conversation among county and city officials for some time due to its age and the rate at which it is deteriorating, as well as a lack of security.
    Burry said he would contact Schenkel and Schultz regarding the Service Complex in order to get one proposal to inspect both locations.
    Bauman stated that the Music House and Service Complex are only two alternatives commissioners are looking at,, noting that there may be more in the future.