County attorney fires back at local jail site criticism

    Following the appearance of Vinnie’s Bar owner Chris Faurote last week before the Adams County Council to announce his displeasure with the proposed location of a new judicial center on 1st Street, Adams County Attorney Mark Burry offered a response on the part of the Adams County Commissioners at their regular weekly meeting Monday afternoon.
    Burry noted county council is proceeding with site acquisition plans for locations along 1st Street, south of Monroe Street. The next stage, he said, is to look at each property being considered to determine the expense involved in both acquiring the properties and demolishing them to make room for the new judicial center construction.
    Although a specific site has not yet been determined, appointments for the inspection of properties under consideration for acquisition have been scheduled with property owners as the county moves forward with its plans, Burry said.
    He then officially informed commissioners of Faurote’s appearance and comments before council, adding Faurote reportedly has started a petition in opposition to the proposed location. Burry said he is also hearing about negative commentary appearing on Facebook, where individuals are questioning whether “some folks in the county have acted prematurely and not thought the process completely through” in selecting the 1st Street location.
    “I’ve never seen any of them at any council or commission meetings,” Burry quipped, pointing out that, unfortunately, “Some people get all of their news and information from Facebook and the Internet, paying no attention whatsoever to what’s in the newspaper or on the radio,” he added.
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