Council leader remains the same

    Adams County Council held its first meeting of the year on Tuesday.
    The first order of business was reorganizing the council; however, the council members seemed to like things the way they were, as Randy Colclasure remains president and Eric Orr continues as vice president.
    Council members also made it a point to welcome Tony Mellencamp as their newest member, and Colclasure expressed confidence that Mellencamp would soon get the hang of things.
    Stan Stoppenhagen and Orr were assigned to the Emergency Management Agency; Orr and Phil Wulliman were assigned to Wage Appeals; Stoppenhagen was also assigned to Community Corrections; Mellencamp to Bi-County Services; Bluhm to the health board; and DuWayne Herman to Adams County Solid Waste.
    The council also approved a total of $229,419 in additional appropriations for various needs, including the salary of a new employee for Information Systems, GPS monitoring for those inmates in work release with the jail, equipment for jail misdemeanant, and supplies for the Tobacco Grant Fund.
    The council also approved an amended salary of $33,000 annually to the building and grounds maintenance supervisor, Dave Meyer.
    At the end of the meeting, Bluhm informed the council he has been using the pool at Bellmont High School and likes the fact the high school students say the Pledge of Allegiance every day.
    Bluhm suggested the council adopt the practice of reciting the pledge at the beginning of each meeting, to which council agreed.