Corral is named detective as PD nears full strength

    More than seven months after a vacancy occurred in the Decatur Police Department's detective division, it was formally filled on Friday as veteran patrolman and sergeant Leonard Corral Jr. was given the oath by Mayor John Schultz.
    Corral, widely known as "Lennie," has been a member of the department for almost 17 years, having joined the force in August of 1994. He was a patrolman until 2008, when he was promoted to sergeant.
    Corral, 42, will join the other detective, Mike Mahan, who has been the only one in that division since veteran Eric Meyer resigned after being named Adams County's chief deputy sheriff by the new sheriff, Shane Rekeweg. Meyer officially left the department last December 31.
    At the swearing-in event in City Hall, Corral was joined by his wife, Kim; their son, Jordan, and daughter, Jenna; Corral's parents; and Mrs. Corral's parents. Mrs. Corral's father, Dick Noack, is a former Decatur police chief.
    The current chief, Ken Ketzler, said Corral will be sent to some training schools in Indiana to prepare for detective duty.
    Corral is a native of Decatur and a graduate of Bellmont High School.
    Ketzler also announced that, on August 2, the name of the officer who will fill the sergeant's vacancy created by Corral's promotion will be announced. The chief said four to six members of the department will probably apply for that position.
    In the past year, said Ketzler, the department has added three fulltime officers, with two having completed the state-required 16-week training course for new police and with the third, Chris Everett, scheduled to start his course on September 1. When Everett completes his training, the department will be back to full strength.