Community Corrections staffing woes unresolved

    Adams County Community Corrections Executive Director Ian Gilbert appeared before Adams County Council last week in support of a proposal originally made by Treasurer Tom Kruekeberg last fall to allow for the use of credit cards by county officials.
    While there, Gilbert also informed councilors of the resignation of veteran Field Supervisor Kevin McIntosh, and told the fiscal body how he planned to restructure his staff to accommodate the loss. Rather than hire a new field supervisor at an annual salary of $35,500, he indicated a preference of hiring a second case manager at a salary of $28,000 a year to help with the increasing caseload.
    McIntosh’s responsibilities would be spread among the existing staff of five full time and five part time employees, Gilbert said, indicating that “in the future, I will have to ask for more staff.” In the meantime, the staffing reshuffle would add another case manager to assist the one who was already overworked, while saving the county money in the process.
 Councilors expressed no concerns or opposition to the plan.   
    Monday, Gilbert appeared before the Adams County Commissioners with the same information, but got a completely different and unexpected response.
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