Commissioners: No new jail soon

    The three Adams County commissioners were united on Monday in squelching any public beliefs that county officials will move ahead soon to build a new county jail.
    Commissioner Doug Bauman said he received several telephone calls from citizens who were concerned over the jail issue after reading newspaper stories last week about possible jail-construction ideas that were discussed at the March session of the Adams County Council.
    Bauman strongly stressed that a special committee has been set up to study only what to do with the downtown Decatur building that houses Adams Superior Court and the probation department. The jail is not under formal discussion at all by that committee, Bauman said.
    He stated that it would be "several years" at least before there might be a formal move toward constructing a new jail.
    Commissioner Ed Coil said a new jail may be built within the coming "five to 10 years."
    Commissioner Kim Fruechte said, "Don't jump on anything yet" because building a new jail is a lengthy process that would start with a feasibility study.
    Furthermore, Fruechte added, there is no formal state order yet for counties to retain more lower-level felons in local jails and, thereby, reduce the inmate populations of the state prisons.