Codes update still on way

    The City of Decatur is moving ahead with plans to review and update its code book, something which includes a little bit of everything, from ordinances to regulations, to rules, etc.
    Mayor John Schultz said at this week's city council meeting that he had a bid for $16,775 from American Legal Publishing Corp. of Cincinnati, Ohio, to handle the time-consuming process.
    The same firm has done similar work for a number of municipalities in this area, some in Adams County. And it was the same company which put together the city's original code book approximately 30 years ago.
    Council members seemed content with the price and the company, but, the mayor said, "We always ask our department heads to get two quotes on everything, so I think we should do that, too."
    Schultz said he would seek another firm which does this type of work and attempt to get a second bid.    
    At an earlier meeting, City Attorney Tim Baker said some changes have been made in the codes in recent years and that discussion with department heads has identified some other changes which need to be made.