Cocaine dealer gets 15 years

    A Decatur man, Andy L. Ivins, 28, received a 15-year prison sentence on Friday in Adams Circuit Court after pleading guilty in April to two counts of dealing in cocaine.
    Ivins, who served prison time after a 2006 conviction here for possession of cocaine, was given two concurrent 15-year terms by Judge Frederick A. Schurger and was ordered to pay $728 in court costs and to repay local police $458 for the money used to buy cocaine from him.
    Ivins has been in the county jail for 422 days, but it is unclear how much credit time he will get because, as was reported during Friday's hearing, he was disruptive in jail and was involved in fights and arguments. Adams County Prosecutor Chris Harvey called Ivins a "defiant" inmate.
    The defendant told the court, "I'm sorry for all the pain I've caused. I was wrong and selfish" and added that he wrongly blamed the police for his troubles.
    He stated that, in jail, he has begun an intensive Bible study program and has become a follower of Jesus Christ.
    Ivins also apologized to Decatur police officer Jim Franze, who was in court as Ivins' escort to and from the jail, because of his conduct toward Franze during an altercation in the jail in early May.
    Ivins told Judge Schurger that while admitting he sold cocaine, he considered himself "a peon" and "a nobody" in the local illegal drug scene. He stated that he "was not a top-notch drug dealer."
    However, Harvey said of Ivins' drug sales, "This was how he made his money. This was a business."
    Judge Schurger agreed, saying a transcript of a confidential informant's tape recording of one of the cocaine deals, played in the courtroom on Friday, "clearly shows a businessman going about his business."