City water line fixed; but residents asked to conserve

    As night fell on what Mayor John Schultz called “a helluva day” and city Operations Manager Jeremy Gilbert said was a first-of-its-kind day, water pressure was continuing to build throughout the city late Tuesday and into today.
    A major break in a city water pipe drained most of the water out of the city’s three water towers and left nearly all residents without water during the daylight hours on Tuesday.
    Following a phone call he received at the end of Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Gilbert said it was reported to him that some corrections were helping boost water pressure across the community and it was hoped “we can gain quite a bit overnight.”        Still, residents were asked to conserve water as much as possible, to boil any water to be used for human consumption, and were advised that it might be “several days” before the water situation returns to normal.
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