City targets sewage bill deadbeats

    A city crackdown is coming for a group of Yost Woods residents who aren't paying their sewage bills.
    Mayor John Schultz raised the issue at Tuesday night's city council meeting, noting that the situation is unique in that the city has no direct recourse if a resident of that area does not pay his/her bill.
    A city resident whose bill goes unpaid — and  ignored — for three months gets their water shut off. "And that gets their attention in a hurry," the mayor said. Yost Woods residents, however, are not on the city water system.
    City officials released a list of eight people who have bills outstanding for two months or more. The eight have upwards of $9,000 outstanding.
    The same issue was raised publicly a couple of years ago.
    "Maybe we can work something out with their association," Schultz said. "Another way might be to file a lien against their property. We will try to be fair, but we will be aggressive."
    "They're not being fair with the city," Councilman Matt Dyer said, noting that the same problem occurred in the past.
    City Utilities Manager Dan Rickord said after the meeting that the city has a "direct withdrawal" plan for customers. "They come in and sign a paper, and each month (the bill is taken from funds in the customer's account.} They get a bill, but it shows they've paid."
    Here are the eight, as listed on city records, listing the customer, address, amount owed, and when the sewage bill was last paid:
    1. Jeff Lengerich, 130 W. Maple Dr., $3,213.50; 10/22/08.
    2. Lisa Ralston, 141 W. Beech Dr., $2,049.31; 12/1/09.
    3. Christopher Gross, 3615 N. Shady Lane, $1,065.74; 10/22/10.
    4. Ryan Sweat, 3555 N. Hickory Lane, $941.54; 2/8/11.
    5. Heather Mankey, 3641 N. Hickory Lane, $439.31; 5/17/11.
    6. Kevin Wellman, 3625 N. Shady Lane, $357.96; 7/7/11.
    7. Mike and Natal Clark, N. Hickory Lane, $260.33; 7/22/11.
    8. Richard Briggs, 3696 N. Shady Lane, $260.33; 7/7/11.