City redistricting change slight

    Decatur City Council moved forward Tuesday night on redistricting for post-2012 elections.
    After each census, cities (and states, etc.) must redraw voting lines to keep something of an even balance in terms of population, with no district having more than 10 percent greater population than any of the others.
    A slight change will do the job in Decatur, with a small section in the area of the county jail being moved out of the first district and into the second district. The area is bounded by Adams, First, Rugg, Fornax and Oak streets.
    City Attorney Tim Baker will prepare an ordinance to effect the change and it will be approved at a later date. The city has until the end of this year to do so, and the redrawn districts will be in place starting in 2013; the upcoming November election will not be affected.
    The changes, Mayor John Schultz said, "give us the numbers that will put us in compliance (with the 10 percent rule)."
    District one is represented by Councilman Matt Dyer, District two by Councilman Charlie Cook.
    After the change is made, following is the way the numbers will read, listing housing, population and percentage of population in that order:
    District 1: 1,070, 2,291, 14.55%
    District 2:    957, 2,256, 12.8%
    District 3: 1,295, 2,392, 19.6%
    District 4: 1,111, 2,466,  23.3%