City rain hits 1.68

        The dry spell in Decatur took a big hit over the weekend, with over an inch and a half of rain recorded at the city weather station.
        Weather station officials say they measured 1.06 of an inch on Saturday and another .6 of an inch on Sunday.
        Berne recorded .77 of an inch of rain over the weekend, and Geneva had .54, according to reports.
        Until Saturday, Decatur had received just .96 of an inch of rain since June 24.
        In the past five days, however, Decatur has recorded 2.17 inches of rain.
        The southern  half of Adams County was under a severe thunderstorm warning for a time on Sunday afternoon.
        The storm blew down a tree across power lines at the Kim Wigger home, 6640 N. State Rd. 101. There was no fire and the house was not damaged, but power lines were arcing, so the Decatur Fire Department was called at 3:26 p.m. and its members stood by until a repair crew arrived from Indiana and Michigan Power over an hour later.
        The National Weather Service said there is a 10 percent chance of rain here today, a 40 percent chance for tonight and a 30 percent chance for Tuesday and Tuesday night. Then the next chance listed s 30 percent for Friday night.
    Meanwhile, cooler temperatures are expected this week. Forecasters said highs today and Tuesday should be around 85 to 86 degrees, falling back to 80 on Wednesday. The extended outlook calls for highs in the low 80s on Thursday and Friday.

Indy heat record
    Indianapolis’ record heat wave continued Sunday as the city hit 91 degrees, giving it 22 straight days with highs of 90 or above.
    The National Weather Service said the temperature hit 90 shortly before 2 p.m. Sunday and climbed to 91 less than a half-hour later.
    Friday’s high gave the city 20 straight days at 90 or above and broke the previous record of 19 consecutive days of 90-degree readings first set in August 1936 and tied on Thursday.
    Highs for the coming week are expected to reach only into the middle 80s, forecasters said.
    —The Associated Press contributed to this report.