City officials admonished

    Decatur City Council was admonished at its meeting Tuesday night for its perceived lack of support for American troops, and county officials will be hearing the same criticism in the near future.
    City resident Darlene Zeitvogel  said she has a son serving in Iraq, along with six other local people. Her voice cracking, Zeitvogel said she was extremely disappointed that no city officials turned out for the Memorial Day ceremonies here on May 30 "to support my son and six other guys over there."
    The lack of officials' support, she said, "is a shame," and she urged all officials to attend the Fourth of July fireworks and ceremonies.
    In a hushed council chambers, Zeitvogel said she will have similar criticism for the county commissioners and members of county council at the next opportunity.
    Mayor John Schultz said local officials do in fact "support 100 percent" our military men and women. "Your son and all the service men and women are close to our hearts," he added.
    "Most everyone in this room keeps our service men and women in our prayers," City Attorney Tim Baker said.