City near passage of anti-nepotism law

    Hiring relatives will be forbidden by law in Decatur — and most of Indiana — by July 1.
    Decatur City Council on Tuesday night began the process of adopting an ordinance curbing nepotism and thus complying with a new law approved earlier this by the Indiana Legislature.
    The law does have a "grandfather" clause, meaning any current situations which might violate the law do not have to be rectified.
    The city must be in compliance of the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) won't approve the city's next budget, Mayor John Schultz said.
    Council, with member Bill Crone absent, voted on two readings to approve an ordinance presented by City Attorney Tim Baker. The third and final reading will be taken at the next meeting, on June 19.
    The new law also prohibits police officers, firefighters and other city and county employees from seeking elective office, unless they quit their jobs. There are some exceptions.
    The new law — surprise! surprise! — requires a rather good-sized amount of paperwork.
    "Just more paperwork required by Indianapolis," Baker cracked.