City is looking to hire its 1st civil engineer

    Some major changes have been made during the first four years of the Schultz Administration, and it looks like another one may be on the way early in this fifth year: The hiring of a full-time civil engineer.
    City council on Tuesday night unanimously gave Mayor John Schultz the go-ahead to advertise for someone to fill what would be a new position in city government.
    While such a hiring will add a salary to the city rolls, the mayor and council members see such an employee paying for himself/herself before long by handling some duties and projects for which the city now has to pay an engineering firm.
    In addition, the city is no longer paying a storm water superintendent since the resignation late last year of Joan Eichhorn in a dispute over travel expenses. The new engineer would be in charge of that mandated department.
    "Tim Barkey (the Adams County engineer) thinks it's a wonderful idea and he encourages us to do it," the mayor said.
    With no one occupying the storm water position, "Now is the perfect time to do this," Councilman Ken Meyer added.
    Councilman Matt Dyer quickly agreed: "I think this is an opportune time."
    The person hired would have to be a licensed civil engineer.