City law firm taking clients of Biberstein

    Officials of the Decatur law firm of DeVoss, Johnson, Zwick, Baker & Ainsworth along with the family of the late Berne attorney Bob Biberstein have announced that the DeVoss firm will continue serving Biberstein clients, including the establishment of office hours in Berne.
    Biberstein, a longtime Berne attorney, suffered a stroke on January 25 of this year and subsequently suffered a fatal heart attack on March 21
    Acording to the announcement, even prior to his stroke, Biberstein had asked Tim Baker of the DeVoss firm to take care of his law practice if the need ever arose. Following his stroke, Biberstein requested such help from Baker and the latter was appointed by Adams Circuit Court Judge Frederick as Bob's Attorney Surrogate.
    Baker was managing the practice when Biberstein died and has continued do so since the untimely death. "Bob has been concerned about his clients and wanted to make sure they had someone to turn to for advice and assistance while he was absent," the DeVoss firm said in making the announcement.
    Later, the Biberstein family asked Baker and the DeVoss firm to consider offering legal services to Bob's clients who wanted to continue with the Decatur firm. "After discussing this, the (DeVoss) firm has agreed to provide such services to Bob's clients who wish to transfer their legal representation to members of the firm," the announcement said.
    Beginning May 21, attorneys Baker, Scott Ainsworth and Anne Razo will hold weekly office hours at Biberstein's office (656 W. Main St.) in Berne each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    Biberstein's office staff, Arlene Mast and Louise Neuenschwander, will continue their work schedules, keeping the office open at its usual hours. Appointments may be made by contacting that office (589-2224) or the DeVoss office in Decatur (147 S. Second St.; 724-2129).
    "It should be noted that each of Bob's clients is free to seek legal counsel from anyone of his or her choosing and is in no way obligated to use the services of the members of the DeVoss firm," the DeVoss firm said.