City bans fireworks

    The City of Decatur is banning the use of personal (private) fireworks this year until the current dry conditions ease, Mayor John Schultz said Monday afternoon.    Berne has already imposed a fireworks ban.
    The period in which it is legal to use fireworks in Decatur opens Friday and continues through the Fourth of July, but that is now negated.
    Adams County instituted a ban on open burning a week ago.
    Mayor Schultz said Monday that the ban here was imposed after he talked with Fire Chief Les Marckel.    
    A spokesperson for the Berne Police Department said last week that a ban on the use of personal fireworks will be strictly enforced in that community throughout the duration of the county's open burning ban. Virtually all types of open burning will be prohibited in Berne during that time, the police representative said.
    "Everything shuts down" once the county implements the burning ban, the spokesperson added.
    At this time, Decatur's Fourth of July fireworks display is still scheduled. "The thing is, we will wet down the area (where the fireworks are ignited) a couple of days in advance and keep an eye on it," Mayor Schultz said. "And we will have fire department personnel close at hand. Obviously, though, we can't do that all over the city."