Chillin' with Dylan-Webcasting kick-off

    A very, merry Thursday, readers. We have been thrust into another school year and that means fall sports and responsibilities for parents but don’t fret too much about it because we all love Friday nights when we sit in the stands and watch our kids with pride as they tackle the opposing team on the football field.
    Now some more good news...Bellmont webcasting is back! Oh, and equally as exciting is the release of the 2013 Fall Sports Preview in today’s issue. How exciting!
    After a successful winter and spring season, the DDD is back up and running for its inaugural football/volleyball season. When basketball went well, I took to the diamonds in the spring and continued to fine tune the process and after this summer, I have all kinds of shiny new toys to play with and a fantastic fall line-up planned for Bellmont sports.
    New this season will be my co-anchors who will be helping out during football games for a smoother broadcast. The odds are that a second anchor will be a lot livelier as well. On top of having a second microphone, I now have means to interview players and coaches in pre-game or post-game. My hope is that there will be plenty of surprise guests to talk to during the volleyball matches. I already have some coaches that are excited to talk about their teams on the webcast with me as they are currently in their off-seasons.
    In the “Sports Briefs” today I have included a tentative schedule of this fall’s events. My hope is that as we grow in this webcasting that the school and even the city of Decatur can hold some pride in it and help us to make it better. This really is a great thing for those who cannot make it out to the gym or fields to see the Braves and Squaws.
    I’ve already heard enough positive feedback to justify doing this for the entire school year and now I’m confident in the product enough to promote this for all who wish to take part in it. We already have some fantastic sponsors that have signed on despite not having seen full product and their faith in us will be rewarded when they see our work in action on the web.
    The program we are using is called “Livestream” and like most things technological these days, it can be used on a computer or even a smart phone! There are some people I’ve talked to already who have downloaded the Livestream application on their phones and have seen a webcast of Bellmont sports right on their device.
    When I first had the idea to start webcasting for Bellmont, it certainly never occurred to me that people could use their phones to watch as well. That opens up all sorts of possibilities like watching the game on the the hear commentating on it live.
    Anyways, technology is awesome, and it’s high time we used it around here at the DDD. With everything going viral it was just a matter of time.
    We will continue to use the free version of Livestream for this first full season of webcasting but with more supporters there will be more advertisers and that will bring better quality for the future broadcasts. The only down side of using the free service is that the games will be archived for a month only. That will give plenty of opportunity to view the games not live at a later time (such as the athletes watching themselves on the broadcasts after the games!) but they will last for just a month.
    Another potential speed bump is the log in process. Because we are not coughing up the full price yet and the funding is just getting off the ground, fans will have to use a username and password to log in but to any person who has an email or Facebook, this should be nothing new. Personally, I use the same username and email that my Hotmail runs off of (don’t tell anyone).
    I’ve even thrown in a few AC games this fall such as the Jets/Stars football game later this month to branch out a bit to our faithful Jet audience. My hope is that if the success continues to build that we can bring a product to Adams Central next year and have a new crew do the Adams Central sports as well.
    Fans of Bellmont sports rejoice, I think what we’re doing should bring some pride into the stands. This is not a way to take people away from the gate for sports but rather a way to bring Bellmont sports out into the public eye even more. Help us make this awesome by spreading the word to those who maybe can’t make it out to the games.
    We’ll have a busy slate here in the next few days starting tonight with the Squaws hosting Woodlan in volleyball. Tomorrow night the boys travel to Woodlan to take on the Warriors on the grid-iron and then we’ll be back into the gym on Saturday night when the Squaws host the Lady Jets for a battle of state-bound hopeful volleyball squads.
    The links to each one of these matches will be posted at under sports. Come join us!