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Chillin' with Dylan—Webcasting Bellmont sports

December 27, 2012

    Merry Christmas to all. The time spent with family and friends is always my favorite part and I did a lot with both. There's just something about someone opening the present you got for them and seeing their eyes light up that makes me feel like there's still some good news to tell in the world. Like for at least that moment all the garbage you see on the television about school shootings and unrest in the other parts of the world just goes away.
    That's all I'll say about the sad stuff because I feel like it's been overdone but I just wanted to at least make a note of how sad it made me and how terribly distraught the families of those poor kids must be right now. With time and God I hope they get past this trial.
    Having said all that, I hope everyone got what they wanted this year from Santa.
    I sure did.
    For the last year I have been waiting for the right time to launch webcasting at Bellmont. For awhile it was just spending time getting to know and understand Bellmont sports from an analyst’s perspective as well as researching the proper way to broadcast high school sports. From there it was a waiting period for who would be involved, trying to get the right equipment and hooking up with the right service.
    I think we are finally in a good place to push off from the shore and just go for it and that’s what we’re doing.  
On Saturday the classic rivalry between Bellmont and Adams Central gets revamped. The boys’ basketball game will be shown via internet for those who can’t make it out to the game. For the first time the DDD will be broadcasting a sporting event live. This will be the first of many broadcasts to come for the Braves and Squaws with the help of the advertisers and fans.
    Phewww… been waiting awhile to get that out there.
    As all good things are, this new frontier of coverage for BHS sports will be a process and one that will take time to perfect. Hopefully with all of the trial and error put into the process this last month the product on Saturday will be a solid representation of what to expect but I am not beyond understanding there will be plenty of kinks to work out for the next time.
    We are starting with one commentator.
    That was unexpected but if it is the biggest hiccup in the process I feel like we’ll be doing well!!
    On top of the obvious addition of a second commentator (coming soon) I hope to include in the future things like a second camera for different views, graphics on screen, and potentially, actual live commercials for the advertisers.
For now, though, I am excited to be able to bring a product to the Bellmont fans at all. The kids deserve it. The parents deserve it. The grandparents who live in Wyoming deserve it. In this winter season we will focus on bringing you boys and girls basketball and see where this thing takes us.
    So how in the world do we get to this amazing new sports coverage you ask?
    Start by going to and scrolling down to the sports stories. I will have a link up on game day that will take the viewer to the free site. The link will take you directly to Bellmont’s page without having to search.
In order to take advantage of the free service, the viewer will have to log in. Create a username and password one time and simply use it to log in for any future webcasts. The service will then ask if you want to select interests for the site but it is not required for the service. To skip the questions asked by the website simply click “skip this step” in the lower right hand corner.
    The broadcast will be live but with a five second delay. There may be a longer delay depending on the speed of the internet being used.
    I will try and have the twitter up and running as well for those who would like to comment or add to the broadcast Saturday night. The name is “DDDsportsnews” for any followers.
    The greatest thing about this service will be that even after the broadcast the athletes can go home and watch themselves anytime thanks to the site's archiving abilities. If you can't get to a computer for the live show I will try and have it up that night for all to see anytime afterwards as well.
    If you’re not doing anything too pressing this Saturday night, come out and support the Braves and/or Jets at the Teepee. If you can’t make it out to the game or just don’t feel like it but still wanna know how the game is going, come and find us online!
    Tell your friends. Tell your extended family. Let's make this as good as possible for the kids because it is about them. This is the direction sports coverage is going on a local scale and its time we stay caught up.

    Tonight's final Northeast Hoosier Conference baseball game will go a long...
    FORT WAYNE— The Braves used a big homerun late in the game from Brett...
    MONROE— South Adams baseball came out on the right end of the conference...


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