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Chillin' with Dylan— Tough golf at Sycamore Hills

July 17, 2014

    Last year I did not take up the offer to golf at Sycamore Hills when the Hotel Fitness Championship held their first media day.
    The tournament is entering its second year out of a three-year contract with the Fort Wayne golf club at Sycamore Hills and once again I attended to see what the shenanigans were all about.
    Basically, this is one of four semi-professional tournaments on the Tour that will culminate in the top 50 golfers earning their PGA Tour Card for a year.
    As if Sycamore Hills was not one of the toughest courses in the region already, they have done some work on just about every hole on the course, including the 18th hole as the picture below shows a much deeper bunker near the clubhouse.
    I mentioned not playing at the Hills because, you guessed it, they wrangled me into it this time around.
    Before you speculate about it, no. I am not, and probably will not ever consider myself a golfer. Do I play golf? Occasionally, but to play at such a prestigious course and then turn around and write about it as if I had any sort of God-given talent at the sport just seems wrong to me.
    So what I’ll tell you is that I played a round at the Hills and that I scored a 104 on the day. Despite not playing very often, I’m going to wear that score like a bell around my neck because it’s about 20 strokes better than I would have guessed going into the day.
    Of course, the Hotel Fitness group paired me up with a foursome of guys that could have shot better than me in their sleep. One of them is a well-known doctor in the Fort Wayne area and he was gracious enough to watch my swing just long enough (without cringing) to tell me what I could work on.
    I credit what I call “an acceptable score” to the good Doc.
    It makes sense that a person should try something at least a few times to really get a sense of how hard it is.
    For example, in the words of comedian Daniel Tosh, “Everyone in the world should be forced to wait on tables for at least one year of their life so that they realize that their ranch dressing isn’t that *bleeping* important.”
    Golf is like that to me.
    I enjoy golfing a lot and when I get the rare opportunity to hit the greens and make a fool out of myself, I really do like the game. You can’t beat shooting a round with your friends or family if you can afford to do it.
    I also have an undying respect for golfers, particularly those local fellows, who are successful business men but still have the chops to hit the course and make it look easy.
    Most notably, the guys from Cross Creek and their men’s league when they send me scores on Mondays and Thursdays. I’m amazed at how they can shoot par out there and better.
    Golf is one of those finesse games and it will take time before I would get good enough to try a league like that.
    In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the scores that come in with the names of guys I know personally who play the game better than most in the area. Props, gents.

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