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Chillin' with Dylan—Today’s busy sports slate

June 12, 2014

    First of all, giving credit where it always seems to be due, Bellmont girls track has turned another successful season in to the history books and it can’t be overstated.
    In the last few seasons, it has been amazing to watch the program flourish with a combination of leadership, teamwork, and an abundance of good genes. These girls have worked so hard to make this school a respectable program despite it’s small size by comparison to perennial powers like Carroll, Homestead, and Northrop.
    Having given just props as the kids would say, I turn my attention to the absolute brutally busy day that is Thursday in major sports. In Brazil if you have not taken a day off today you are probably shunned from most social circles because it is officially World Cup time.
    Not since 1950 has Brazil hosted the Cup and the atmosphere over there has got to be electric. As one of the favorites to do well, there is an enormous amount of pressure on the home team as they have won five titles but never on their home soil. Uruguay was the winner in 1950, 12 years after the previous World Cup as it was delayed from WWII.
    Just how important is the World Cup over there in Brazil?
    Well, they celebrate what we would equivocally call Valentine’s Day on June 12th but they actually celebrated their holiday, called “The Day of Lovers” yesterday (June 11) so as not to disrupt World Cup festivities.
    Oh and...the Brazil motels as a result also moved their best economic day back one on the calendar by no coincidence.
    What else is going on today?
    The NBA Finals reaches it’s game four in Miami and in the world of golf, the PGA tournament will begin the US Open today.
    The NBA has been overshadowed by talk of Carmello Anthony joining the ranks of the Heat in the last day or two and that is the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard come out of ESPN.
    Just the logistics alone should make this seem like it will never happen.
    The Heat are already over the salary cap and in order to sign Melo, the big three in Miami (LeBron, Wade, and Bosh) would have to take significant pay cuts to make way for another max contract.
    There are a plethora of “what ifs” in that statement beginning with the fact that nobody knows whether all or none of the big three will stick around after the Finals complete.
    It is my professional opinion (pause for effect) that if the Heat lose this series to San Antonio...they will...then LeBron will test free agency. And why not?
    This is the time to get an unbelievable new contract with a team. In the prime of his career, LeBron James will reach his peak in the next four seasons (scary thought) and it would be foolish for him not to sign somewhere for max money. That won’t happen in Miami with his friends eating up most of the available salary.
    Even if they could sign another batch of crafty veterans like Ray Allen and Shane Battier to minimum deals, LeBron would be underpaid in the FLA.
    Jordan signed a $30 million contract in 1996-97. Kobe has been the highest paid player in the NBA the last five seasons making at least $23 million a year at his lowest in that span. He’ll make $30 million as a 19-year vet next season.
    LeBron will sign somewhere else. Probably in Cleveland just because the storylines would be better. It would be fairy-tale like if Kentucky coach John Calipari joined up as the coach. That won’t happen.
    Either way, when the Spurs win the NBA title, the big three in Miami will be no more.

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