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Chillin' with Dylan—A look at the NBA Finals

June 21, 2013

    As the NBA goes, it will never be as popular as the NFL. The Heat and Spurs gave it a good go on Thursday night, however, leaving basketball fans breathless with big shot after big shot ending with LeBron and company’s second straight title.
    If you’re like me and you don’t live in Miami, the outcome of the game probably made you sick to your stomach.
    I’ve done all I can think of to make myself like LeBron James but I keep coming back to the same issue with him. He had to join the Heat to get a championship. Will we talk about LBJ as one of the greatest of all time in 20 years because of the “Big Three”?
    Look at it another way...would we STILL be comparing every great talent that comes into the NBA to Michael Jordan if His Airness had given up after losing to the Celtics and joined forces with another great of the time like Charles Barkley, Hakeem the Dream, or Patrick Ewing? What about a duo that already existed like the Sonics with Shawn Kemp and Gary Peyton. Or even John Stockton and Karl Malone on the Jazz team he eventually tormented years later?
    No, I cannot put LBJ in the same category. Not yet, anyways. Yes, I know, he carried the team in game 6 and 7 to secure the title over the Spurs. I watched the game. Closely.
    Something that stuck with me in the series, however, was that LeBron’s season outcome could have been completely different had Ray Allen’s miracle shot not went in at the end of regulation in game 6.
    The history books will tell you that it won’t matter, though. We’ll look at LeBron as a hero and a great because he won the ring.
    Don’t believe me?
    Look back even just a few years ago. Kobe gets his fifth ring over the rival Celtics in seven games. In that deciding last game, Kobe Bryant went an astounding 6-24 from the field. Ouch.
    The Lakers won, however, and that’s how we’ll remember it.
    This is not a bash fest on LeBron. He is, without question, the greatest player in the NBA...right now.
    I am only jumping on this topic before the sports world wrings this story dry starting today until we tip off again in late October. Thank God for the draft to distract us for at least one night in July.
    I know that it’s the media and there’s always someone trying to scoop a story but seriously, in this age of technology and social media, is anybody else getting tired of hearing about EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of a player before, during, and after a game?
    We’ll now be talking for months about how LeBron compares to MJ on every micro level and I’m irritated by that already.
    What does modesty and a reserved attitude get you in the NBA? Nothing. Tim Duncan blew a lay-up late in game 7 last night. If he makes that and ties the game, maybe the Spurs win the championship and Duncan wins a fifth title.
    Did anyone less than the casual fan know Duncan had won more than one title? The Spurs have been synonymous with the playoffs for over a decade and no one seems to think that it’s a story worth telling. I think that’s just too bad and I’m not even a big fan of the Big Fundamental.
    Just because he doesn’t tweet that he had a great workout and a fantastic bologna sandwich that day and the media does not hang on his every word.
    Getting back to the game, however, it was more apparent to me that the Spurs lost the game than the Heat won it. That’s what stood out to me the most, really.
    Yes, LeBron had 37 points and won his second Finals MVP but the Spurs were right there once again at the end and gave the ball to Ginobili...again.
    If the Argentinian does not retire after this season, I’d be surprised. He made big shots the entire playoffs but made just as many bone-head plays and it cost them the final game of the season.
      And can anyone tell me why Tony Parker, the number three candidate for MVP in the league, was sitting on the bench for the final :30 seconds of the game? Head scratcher, there.
    I will become a believer in LeBron’s legacy if Bosh leaves (which he will, mark my words) and James is surrounded by guys who will make him the pivotal point once again leading to a third championship. Then he has to leave and play baseball for a season before coming back and winning three more championships. Would that make the MJ comparisons go away?
    Thanks a lot, Ray Allen.

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