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Chillin' with Dylan—Hodgepodge of Musings...

January 10, 2013

    I won’t go into great detail about the webcasting but there have been some questions about it as well as some thoughts.
    First of all, I am so thankful for the amount of people who actually understand the problems that one can (and will) encounter when working with the internet. Try as I might...prepare as I might, the network problems during the Bellmont/Columbia City game were apparently meant to be.
    Bellmont coach John Baker said it best afterwards, “It’s probably better that people didn’t see the way we played tonight.”
    Well I’m glad I could do you a solid, coach. With that in mind, I hope we have some bugs sorted out. We’re going to give it another go tonight, this time on the road, when the Squaws travel to North Side.
    This is the sort of game that the webcasting was truly made for anyway. There aren’t a lot of people short of parents who travel to Fort Wayne on a weekday to see the girls or boys basketball team play. We understand. If you do, however, still wish to see the game without passing all of those gas signs that linger around “$3.19” or “$3.39” in your vehicle, tune in tonight. I’ll be switching to live around 7:30 p.m. judging on gametime.
    Remember, simply log on to and find the sports in the middle of the page. Follow the link, sign in to livestream, and enjoy what hopefully will be a kink-free basketball game.

Baseball Hall and other amusing national sports...

    One of baseball’s best, Al Kaline, said it best the other day, “Numbers mean a lot in baseball. Maybe more than in any other sport.”
    I agree with the Hall of Famer.
    Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa got the snub from baseball writers who voted on possible new members to Cooperstown yesterday proving, at least for one year, that cheating does not pay.
    I’m not writing this to debate whether or not they cheated. They did. Understand, however, that if any one of the men who were even remotely linked to steroids gets in, the game’s integrity takes a huge punch to the stomach.
    What does that mean for players like Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell? Sorry about your luck, guys, but you’re both a victim of circumstance in this instance.
    So is Fred McGriff, Mike Piazza, and Curt Schilling to name just a few. They all got the shaft. For just the second time in 42 years nobody gets that special invite to the Hall.
    Biggio was the closest getting 68% of the votes, just shy of the required 75%. I think he was the most deserving, for what it’s worth. He was a lifetime Astro and for anyone who knows anything at all about the MLB, playing for Houston, especially your entire career, deserves some sort of medal.
    3,000 hits is no easy feat. Biggio is 20th on the all-time hits list but because his good buddy Jeff Bagwell was accused of steroid use, I fully believe that Biggio’s Hall pass was denied. It’s a shame but looking on the bright side of things, I bet Biggio doesn’t mind getting snubbed if it helped keep Bonds and Clemens out.
    Just a small snippet on Carmelo Anthony getting a one-game suspension from the NBA.
    The Knicks’ forward “snuck” over to the Celtics part of the Garden after their loss to Boston and tried to confront Garnett, according to reports.
    Really? That’s what ESPN is reporting? That’s ludicrous. There was no sneaking about it! He practically marched through the tunnels to meet up with his old pal, KG.
    Look, I know how physical basketball is and how tempers can run high on the floor, but when the game’s over it all just drains away. None of it matters anymore.
    At least it shouldn’t to the NBA players. When the heat of the game and the competitive nature of the sport that brings primal rage and instinct to even the most mild-mannered thug gets washed away by the final horn, those players should IMMEDIATELY think about the millions of dollars they are being paid to entertain us with their trade.
    As a Pacer fan I am SOOOO tired of basketball thuggery (SEE Malice at the Palace on youTube). It’s a shame that we have so many advocates for “NBA Cares” on the television and things of that nature that get overshadowed by a few bad eggs from the game who ruin it for everyone by bringing guns to the lockerroom or hunting down players after the game to...what? Fight? Cut some people? What a joke. Play basketball and just shut up for awhile.

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