Chillin' with Dylan

    It’s amazing that despite the atrocious weather, there is still so much to talk about in the sports world at a local level.
    Without going into too much detail about a sensitive issue, the news about coach Eric Myers’ resignation as the South Adams’ wrestling coach was shocking to me.
    I know that it’s not official and there are a lot of South Adams fans, students, teachers, and officials that are glad for that but I want to put it out there that if coach Myers should leave the school for whatever his reasoning may be it will be a real shame for that program.
    Wrestling is such a precise sport and I will not even begin to claim to know enough about it in detail except to say that it takes great discipline and coaching to succeed as well as a willingness to put in the work.
    Coach Brent Faurote at Bellmont can attest to how much hard work can build a program up and take it to the top. Adams Central is also on the rise as a program after winning the first invitational state title. South Adams was and still is on the cusp of something great, especially for such a small school.
    Coach Myers is an absolutely vital part of that greatness and his body of work at such a small school should speak for itself. I can only hope that things that get discussed behind closed doors on this matter are resolved with a responsible hand and with the students in mind.
    Whatever happens, I wish coach Myers the best in all his endeavors because he has earned much more than that in my book.
    On to other pressing matters...what’s up with this weather?!?
    I grew up in Indiana hearing that the weather is as crazy and unpredictable here as anywhere in the country. This time last year we were almost two months into a season that featured a drought and 80 degree temperatures.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been spoiled.
    Just when you thought it was safe to bring out the fanny pack and take a walk, there’s snow flakes floating in the air. I don’t get it.
    There has been so much water from the rains in the past couple of weeks and it has put a damper on the already crippled season. At least it’s rain, though.
    About a month ago we were still worried that the snow would not melt in time for games as well as freezing pipes among other things.
    What this weather and inconsistency is doing is bringing inconsistency to the spring sporting events. Most prevalent would be the track runners who have had to run through it all this year already. Bellmont is probably reminiscing about the indoor title they won simply because they did not have to fight the elements quite as hard.
    I’ve always thought of the track season like the postal service, however. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, those boys and girls run in everything and I have to give them props for that. Running WITH the wind is hard for me so I have to respect the runners who take it head on and still have outstanding times!
    The baseball and softball diamonds in the area have been sloshed with water. Pitchers and batters are coming into games with different conditions every night throwing off timing and approaches making for some ugly ball at times but it’s all part of the dance in high school sports. Which teams can adapt and survive?
    A perfect example is Adams Central’s baseball squad. They entered Tuesday night with a perfect 9-0 mark including a six inning, 10-run rule win against Woodlan a few weeks back. When they took the field in the cold, however, nothing seemed to go right for the Jets. Not fielding, pitching, or hitting. Woodlan adapted and dominated to get their revenge by the same score, 11-1.
    There are no seven game series in high school. It’s both beautiful and devastating to teams come sectional time. You can have an amazing season like the Jets seem to be headed for but if you have one bad night you’re done.
    It sort of adds to the element of suspense in the playoffs and why we play the games despite what we see on paper. I don’t care who is supposed to win, if A doesn’t line up with B resulting in C you may have an upset.
    When (if) the weather comes around in May we may start to see some consistent sports play. It will be interesting to see who is playing good ball by the end of the school year and who will want badly enough to be playing after school lets out.