Chillin' with Dylan

    The Olympics are drawing near but rather than soil the games with my thoughts before anything actually happens, I thought I’d write about another love of mine that is drawing near…FANTASY FOOTBALL!
    I know that some of you may not share my love for this fictional sport and maybe even think it’s just plain silly but I think that it’s a step up from having an imaginary friend seeing as how you use actual athletes and you play against actual people.
    Our poll question on the DDD website has shown that a majority of you readers are avid fans of the fantasy football gig. Many of you actually play with more than one team! Good for you because so do I and it can be addicting!
    For those who are unaware, fantasy football (FF) is an online game where regular joes like you and me can have a pretend draft with strangers or friends to pick the best NFL players in the league and assemble your own dream team of talent (hence the “fantasy”). FF can have a variety of rules and regulations but one thing remains the same…your team name must be amazing!
    I’ve been in all kinds of leagues and I have to say that the beauty of FF is that this game turns even the most casual of fans into an NFL expert in a matter of a season. To truly be good at fantasy football, you have to pick players for each week that you think will be good that Sunday. When the big day finally rolls around, FF owners sit glued in front of the TV and/or laptop and wait for their specific players to do something great.
    The whole concept truly puts a wedge in the “rooting for your team” player but some people try and draft their team’s best players so that they can simultaneously cheer for both their fantasy and real team to win. I have a friend who plays in a league with me every year and he insists on drafting Colts until they’re coming out of his ears. I asked him how that went for him after last season’s terrible Indy season. We haven’t spoken since.
    I’m trying to decide what my fantasy team’s name will be this year.  I want to name the team something witty that goes along with the first player I draft. (i.e. if I draft KC’s Dwayne Bowe first…my team name might be “Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe”).
    Names for teams can be clever and I am of the mind that a good name makes all the difference in the world as far as someone looking like they know what they're doing in their FF league. With a name like "Beauty ain't Brees-y", you can't go wrong. Some even try and make a political statement like last year's gem, "Rockin' Out with Your Lockout".
    There is an art to being that witty and in a FF league, there’s nothing more intimidating than a great fantasy name. Here are some more good examples in past years:
    *40-Year Old Viking (in honor of the not-so-great Brett Farve)
    *I Dream of Mangini
    *Live Freeney or Addai Hard (for the hopeless Colt fan)
 or my personal favorite...
    * The Playbook of Eli (a nod to the SB champ).
    I could go on forever with silly but amazing fantasy football names, but I would rather make a contest out of it and give you faithful readers something to strive for. I have five free Subway Subs for the best five unique fantasy football names for 2012. All you need is your imagination and an email address to win.
    Email your best fantasy football team names to and I will reward your hard work a free sub from Subway and I will also showcase them in a future column for the world (or maybe just Decatur) to see!
    Stay tuned for a possible Beat the Pros DDD fantasy football league also…