Chillin' with Dylan

By Dylan Malone
    So the Colts are 0-4, the NBA pre-season is cancelled completely, and my Atlanta Braves managed to find a way to blow it…again. What a terrible week it’s been for me and my sports.
     Fun fact of the day…Curtis Painter threw a TD pass of 87 yards to Pierre Garcon last week against the Chiefs. What you probably don't realize is that that touchdown pass is longer than any thrown by a Colt since Johnny Unitas...yes there is someone for the Colts who has played QB since Johnny Unitas but I can't seem to remember his name...oh well. It's an interesting fact to say the least. Of all the TDs thrown by Manning, his longest is in fact 86 yards. Ouch. Painter had to leave a legacy somehow, because he sure as heck won't be around to make too many records. I don’t really know how the play happened but it’ll make you look really smart to know this fact in front of your father-in-law or, at the very least, be an interesting trivial pursuit question (sports edition).
     The NBA is locked out still and that’s a positive thing…for the WNBA. The time away from the men’s spotlight has made the fans of basketball turn to the women of the professional sport to carry some of the entertainment burden.  Despite losing to Atlanta (who are now in the finals with the Minnesota Linx), the Indiana Fever were the number one seed in the eastern conference. For all of you woeful Pacers’ fans (myself included), pay attention! The Fever could be the only bright spot for Indiana sports until the 500 comes back around.
     I have to steer away from the depressing state of the pros for a moment and go local. How about them Starfires? The Berne Boys (and girls) were impressive in the ACAC cross country this week. And the football team is 6-1 with the lone loss coming at the hands of the Leo Lions, but let’s face it, everyone loses to Leo anymore (How many Harding kids did they get, anyways?). South Adams is the best football team in that conference without Leo there. Props to coach Arnold.
     Adams Central and Bellmont both have rebuilding programs thanks to some coaching changes. A losing season or three is bound to happen when such a change(s) occurs. But it’s like coach Getts stated, “The post season is where it really matters.” All the best to the Jets and Braves. I’ve been to a game from each school this year and I have no doubt there’s potential at each school.
     What about volleyball? Are the Squaws for real? How far could they go this year? They are dominating the NHC once again led by coach Krull, but will they pass the pressure test when the post season comes around? They certainly have the potential to make some noise but my guess is that it will be up to the youth of the Bellmont roster to step up and prove they belong there. So far they’ve delivered.
     I suppose I better mention baseball at some point. I hate that the Braves didn’t make it but the Phillies have the best record in baseball. I feel safe mentioning it for the time being because the Cardinals have forced game 5 to happen and there’s still hope that I won’t have to hear about how great Philadelphia is again in the World Series. Baseball has a lot of poetry to it and it would be music to my ears to hear the cries of Philly phans saying, “How could we lose? We had the Roys! We had the Roys!”
      Another team I like to hate perennially is the New York Yankees. I don’t have to go into this too much because you either love the Yankees or you despise them, much the same as any of the Kardashian sisters. I get so tired of hearing about how great the Yankees are and how they are going win the World Series again this year. My response is always the same. “They better win it, they bought the whole league.” I really like what a comedian said on “Bob and Tom” the other day. He said, “rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in Vegas. They will win eventually.”
     So if I had to pick a team to root for this post-season, I’m guessing it’ll be anybody playing the Yankees or Phillies. Truthfully though, I see the Rangers surprising people once again with a trip to the World Series, this time taking home the hardware.