Chillin' with Dylan

    Welcome to the fabulous V-Day edition of Chillin’. Let me start by saying that first of all, finding a bow and arrow holder for this picture was taxing, but after the dust had settled, I think I really pulled off the Cupid look nicely. Thanks again to Derek, my awesome tech man behind the scenes.
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I couldn’t resist putting out a column today about all the sports stars with names that relate to the day. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed researching.
    We’ll start with the obvious names:

    1.Kevin Love, F/C Minnesota Timberwolves-  In 2011, Love was an NBA rebounding champion and an NBA All-Star. When he’s not stomping on other players’ while they’re on the ground (he recently served a two-game suspension for this), Love is a pretty wholesome guy. Who could say no to a guy with a last name like that?
    Honorable mentions: Clarence Love, a former NFL player who played for the Oakland Raiders, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles.
        Davis Love III, PGA golfer- With a name so nice they named him thrice, he is three times the man Kevin Love least by name. With 34 professional wins under his belt, he's quite the draw on Valentine's Day.
    2. Bobby Valentine, Manager Boston Red Sox-  In 2011, Bobby Valentine became the 45th manager for the BoSox, and was previously an analyst for ESPN. Valentine was also a manager for the New York Mets and Texas Rangers, and he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, California Angels, Seattle Mariners, and New York Mets in his time. With Theo gone, and a revamped front office, Bobby Valentine could use some loving to get his club back from the worst September breakdown in recent history.
    Honorable mention: Corky Valentine, a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, played two seasons. In his offseason and after his baseball career, Valentine was a police officer. He passed away Jan. 21, 2005.
    3. Pete Rose, MLB infamous gambler, Cincinnati Reds- This was an easy call. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without a rose. Pete was not the type of guy you’d like to have as your Valentine, however. After all of his accolades in his illustrated baseball career, it was the betting scandal that will make younger baseball fans remember Rose, sadly. The commissioner of baseball banned Rose from the game for life. Rose was also the only player banned from being inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. After several tries in recent years, the new commish Bud Selig still will not consider putting Rose back in baseball.
    Honorable mention: Derrick Rose, G Chicago Bulls- Last year’s MVP is a thorn in the side of every team in the NBA.
    4. Jrue Holiday, G Philadelphia 76ers- Is this one a stretch? Valentine’s Day is indeed a holiday. In his third year in the NBA, he is already taking down some of the best in the game with his combination of skill and speed. Holiday is running the point for a team that is collectively winning games without a proven superstar. Teammate Andre Iguadala is an All-Star reserve this season, however, so maybe now they’ll actually have a closer for the first time since Allen Iverson played in Rocky’s town.
    5. Drew Bledsoe, former New England Patriots QB- No, his name is not a V-Day specialty, but he was in fact born on February 14th. The No. 1 pick in 1993 by the Pats, Bledsoe played 14 seasons with three different teams, earning two All-Pro selections, four Pro Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl title. Plus, as an aside, he is the last guy from N.E. that I can honestly say I liked.
    6. Brandon Flowers, CB Kansas City Chiefs-. In 2011, Flowers signed a five-year extension with the Chiefs worth $50 million, with $22 million guaranteed. He’ll never forget what to get his Valentine with a name like Flowers.
    7. Babe Ruth, MLB Hall of Famer, former home-run champion- George Herman Ruth, or more affectionately known as, “The Babe”. Probably known best for calling his shot, this slugger’s nickname is many couples’ favorite pet name on V-Day.
    Although not in his name, it stands to note that the NBA All-Star game usually falls pretty close to Valentine’s Day. A prominent figure in the All-Star game when it first started was Wilt Chamberlain.
    Chamberlain became the NBA's all-time scoring leader on Valentine's Day in 1966. This record was his for almost 20 years until it was broken by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1984...not on V-Day.
games and one season.
    Do you Fila any love for sports? That’s a bad joke and I apologize. But seriously, in Persian, Fila is a name that means "lover". So go on, wear Fila shoes today and let the world know how much of a Persian lover you are.