Chillin' with Dylan

In true top ten style, I’ve thought out my top NBA teams...right now. Records help, but what this list is really trying to say is who do you not want to play right now.
    As all lists can do, this is subject to change in a matter of days. If your team is not on here, feel free to email me and give me your top ten.

HONORABLE MENITION: Boston Celtics and Atlanta Hawks
10. Orlando Magic (16-10)
    This team is a mystery to me and probably the rest of the NBA. Amongst all the Dwight Howard trade talk, it can be understandable that the Magic would falter a little, but when Howard continues to pull down 20+ points and 20+ rebounds a game like last night against the Heat, you begin to scratch your head about where these guys are/could be.

9. Denver Nuggets (15-11)
    Another team barely making the bubble. If not for their already stellar record, this team would be an after thought. Rather than a “big 3” this team has decided to go with a “decent 12” approach. So far it’s working but they would be a lot further up my list if they hadn’t just lost six of seven and their best scoring option, Danilo Gallinari to injury.

8. Los Angeles Lakers (14-11)
    Losers of two straight now are the Lake show, the “other” LA team now that Blake and CP3 run the show in Lob Angeles. Kobe continues to do his thing leading the league in scoring despite his age. Bynum and Gasol are good this year as well, but that’s as far as the Lakers’ depth chart will go without a big trade.

7. Philadelphia 76ers (18-9)
    This ‘Sixer team is much like the Nuggets in that they win by committee. There are no favorites here as they are surprising teams with their depth (and wins) while Andre Iguadala is content quietly scoring triple-doubles.

6. Los Angeles Clippers (15-8)
    Chauncey Billups is out for the season, but this team is still dangerous. If there was a position they could afford to lose it was point guard. Mo Williams and Chris Paul have it covered. The (Blake) show must go on.

5. Indiana Pacers (17-8)
    I probably have some bias here, but on a list of teams “right now” I have to put my Pacers here. The third team on this list to win as a unit and not a trio, the Pacers have scored 100+ plus points in four of their last six games, a feat they’ve done just once before that streak.

4. Miami Heat (19-7)
    The Heat have a target on their back every night thanks to their bold claims of being the best (and LeBron’s tweeting). The Heat have the third best record in the league but just got thumped by Howard’s Magic.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder (20-5)
    They used to be the most fun team to watch in the West, but now the Clips stole that title this season. They certainly are the best team in the West, however. Durant, Westbrook, and Harden have a great claim to make the All-Star game this year (and their big 3 didn’t even need a parade).

2. Chicago Bulls (22-6)
    It’s no secret anymore how good Derrick Rose truly is. He’s the youngest MVP ever and now leads a stacked Bulls team to the best record in the NBA. How long can they last, though with Deng playing with a broken wrist, Rose hobbling, and a host of other nagging injuries? Stay tuned.

1. San Antonio Spurs (18-9)
    Yes, the aging Spurs are the best team in the league...right now. Without Manu, Tony Parker has decided to step up his play with 35+ points in his last two games as part of a six game winning streak. DISCLAIMER: They did this last season too and made an early exit from the playoffs.