Chillin' with Dylan

    Firstly, congratulations to the county schools' wrestling squads for their success in the respective conference tournaments. Bellmont went into the NHC with high hopes and came out the winner despite the seeding favoring East Noble.
    In the ACAC, it can be hard to root for one team or the other in my position, so when the Jets took the title and the Stars were a close second, I got my eight hours of sleep that night knowing that the best of circumstances were met and everyone left happy (for the most part). I know, Starfire fans, a win would have been better, but hey, you guys had won the previous four years! Share the sugar, SAW boys!
    Now the sectionals are looming ahead (see story to the right for a better perspective) and like Highlander, there can be only one...and Bellmont is the early favorite. If the head-to-head match-ups are an indication, it should be Braves, Jets, then Stars in the standings, but watch out Bellmont! AC has come on strong and with the weight class shiftings it could be a down-to-the-wire affair.
    Remaining unbiased I have to say good luck to everyone involved. The good thing about all three schools competing in the Jay County sectional is that on a yearly basis, there will almost always be a school from Adams County moving on and plenty of individuals from each school.
    Getting away from wrestling, I heard a conversation that sparked my curiosity about Super Bowl XLVI (46). The Roman numeral has been the staple for marking the game since the third AFL/NFL championship game.
    In January of 1969, the first game to officially be titled "the Super Bowl," the AFL champion New York Jets (11-3) were the underdogs against the then "Baltimore" Colts (13-1) who represented the NFL. The Jets won that bowl game 16-7 to become the first AFL team to win and the first team not from Green Bay as well.
    Since then, the Roman numerals have just added an "epic" feel to an already fueled up game replacing baseball as America's sport for years now. But getting back to my curiosity, I wondered to myself just how epic Super Bowl 50 was going to be. For you scholars out there, the Roman numeral representation of 50 is...L.
    L? That's it? Marking 50 years of Super Bowl champions and hype, the world will watch in awe as the teams charge the field before the big game scanning the crowds and banners all around (fill in the blank) Stadium, but the game will be symbolized and probably be most remembered for one letter...L.
    It's probably petty, but that's just the way my mind works sometimes. I started to think of the alternatives...XXXXX? XXXXXC? Those just won't work on many levels, particularly for people who see just three X's as warning enough. It would also seem more like a bowling score than an epic marker for a great game.
    I had thought that maybe one Harbaugh would squeak into the playoffs and surely we wouldn't have a rematch of the 2008 SB, but clearly I was wrong. It seems that Tom Brady was destined to get his rematch against the Giants for ruining his perfect season.
    It's sort of funny. I remember earlier this season when the Pats lost to the Bills early on when there was talk that this New England team was a shade of their former self and that they would be lucky to make the playoffs with the way the Bills and Jets were playing...ha.
    As luck would have it (or maybe a lack of luck), both the Bills and Jets imploded on themselves and the most interesting team in that division not from New England became the Miami Dolphins who lost their first seven games before storming back into the conversation winning six out of their last nine.
    New England, now on a 10-game winning streak heading into the SB after losing two straight to Pittsburgh and then...the Giants, now have one more obstacle to jump for Brady and coach Bill Belichick to earn a fourth Super Bowl ring.
    For the record, I hope that doesn't happen. As a band-wagon Colts fan, I can't tell you just how annoying it is that Tom Brady will dress in Payton Manning's locker room and more than likely use his locker for the game a week from Sunday (not that Payton minds...he hasn't used it in over a year). The one thing Manning has to fall back on is that his little brother will be there as yes, a Manning will throw a pass this year in Indianapolis, and at the Super Bowl no less.