Chillin' with Dylan

    It's that time of year again where you're supposed to make a New Year's resolution that you're going to stick to for about a week and then forget about. This year mine is not eating after 10 p.m. because I'm getting a little extra stuffing going on in the torso area and it's starting to make my wife nervous.
    A new year, and renewed hope for a successful reboot for teams struggling in the county so far at the mid-way point in the basketball season or (if you're the Jets) a resolution not to let up.
     I thought it would be fun to share some resolutions that I think some select people may wish to make on this New Year's Eve.
    Firstly, for coaches John Baker, Andy Heim, Andy Brown, and Ryan Cunningham, I suggest they make a resolution to be patient this season and maybe even the next. All four squads (from Bellmont and South Adams) have a lot of talent and potential, but being these coaches' first year it can be a little frustrating waiting for all the pieces to fall into their right places. To you coaches I issue an old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day..."  Hang in there, fellas.
    To senior Payton Selking, the Braves starting guard, I hope he has a resolution to SHOOT THE BASKETBALL. On a team built for running up and down the floor with several athletes capable of offensively rebounding the basketball, don't be afraid to shoot 15-20 times a game. You're the leader!!! Your team goes as you go. Even when you miss, your eager teammates like Nick Fuelling, Matt Chronister, and even sophomore big guy Maverick Birch are foaming at the mouth waiting to put that ball back in the cup for you. Like one of my favorite coaches/players Larry Bird used to say, "Good things happen when you put the ball on the rim."
    To senior Maverick Baumer, Jets' star forward, I say have a resolution in 2012 to leave it all on the floor. You are a great all-around basketball athlete. We love that you can shoot the three, swat away shots, and drop-step for a dunk and that should not change. But when you get out there on that court in front of all those people, play as hard as you can for 32 minutes. Dive on the floor, play tenacious defense even when you don't get the ball on offense, and when you come out of the game continue to stay focused and continue to cheer your team on out there. These things will help you get to the next level in college and more presently, get your team a sectional championship and beyond.
    To Allison Gutierrez, a senior starting guard for the Squaws, I only wish for you to have the resolution this year to continue bringing it every night. Your team is trying to find an identity. You have yours. Keep bringing it, girl.
    To former sports editor Jim Hopkins, my friend, and in many ways my mentor, this year please have a resolution to never forget what this heart-scare has done for your life. You have more vigor and energy now than you did three years ago because you are appreciating the little things. Even your writing is...dare I say...pleasant. May you continue to find joy in writing those wrestling stories for years to come (because I sure don't like to write about it...haha).
    To Mr. Mike Pettibone, superintendent at Adams Central, keep the dream alive. I hardly recognized my old stomping grounds at the Hangar the first time I set foot in the high school after the renovation. This year, I hope your resolution is to continue to make Adams Central a place for students and athletes to flourish and thrive for four years of their life and possibly beyond. I know you will.
    To Mike Pries, athletic director at South Adams High School, your resolution should be to continue your amazing hospitality at sporting events. I've been to many schools around the state covering events but yours is, far and away, the most accommodating. There may be schools with better equipment, more man power, or maybe even better facilities, but I would still pick South Adams first given a choice because of the effort put in welcoming the media for coverage. The sub-sandwiches on game day help too!
    And last, but not least, to all seniors graduating in May this year: ENJOY IT! Senior-itis has surely set in at this time knowing that next week you'll have to go back and learn something at school again, but just remember, especially on the court, this is your last chance. Worried about messing up on the court? Some of you may never play organized ball again in your life! Just go for it. Give it your all so you have nothing to regret years later. And be encouraging to those who will take the senior crowns from you next year, they need it.
    Well that's all I can fit so I better quit. If you are hip with the times, log on to and leave a comment under "Chillin' with Dylan" or you could join us on Twitter @DDDsportsnews to hear about the daily happenings. 
    I wish everyone a safe holiday. See you next year.