Chevy to sponsor DBA leagues this year

    The Chevy Youth Baseball program has included the Decatur Baseball Association this year.
    Chevy and through Courtesy Motors of Decatur is sponsoring the Decatur Baseball leagues this year, providing equipment bags and containers, T-shirts, and bat racks for the dugouts.
    Chevy also is making a monetary contribution to the DBA, and has provided raffle tickets for a car and other prizes. Some of the DBA players will be selling the tickets for $5 each. All of the proceeds will go to the Decatur Baseball Association.
    The DBA kicked off raffle ticket sales Monday at their final scheduled registration period.
    A long list of prizes for the top sellers of the raffle tickets will be offered, and many of the items have been contributed by local businesses.
    At the registration session Monday, it was noted that many of the leagues are in good shape numbers-wise, but more players are needed for the Pee Wee Reese League (11- and 12-year-olds) and for T-Ball (5 and 6).
    Currently, there are enough players for four T-Ball teams. Last year there were eight T-Ball teams.
    A few more Reese players are needed for the league to expand from two to three teams. The Reese squads will play in the Hoosier East Baseball Alliance along with teams from Monmouth and Monroeville. Last year, there were nine teams in the Reese Division and 8 in the Mays Division. The Clemente (7 and 8) Division also plays in the H.E.B.A.
    Games will be played at all three sites.
    An organizational meeting will be held Thursday for H.E.B.A.