Chamber program to aid local businesses

    The Decatur Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Mind's Eye Graphics of Decatur and Armanda Designs, has announced that it will present a series of events called First Tuesday to help local businesses make the most out of their assets.
    The initial First Tuesday event will be held on April 5 at 8 a.m. in Mind's Eye Graphics, 1019 Commerce Dr., at the far western end of an addition to Industrial Park.
    Officials said space is limited to 15 people.
    An announcement from the three sponsoring partners said First Tuesday is a hands-on workshop to help businesses better utilize the resources for which they have already paid. Sessions will be one hour and will help businesses get the most out of those projects in which they have invested or that are available free.
    The first session will answer the question 'What is social media and how do I use it for customer retention and to increase sales and brand awareness?
    Future First Tuesday sessions will deal with QuickBooks and Microsoft Office technology.
    Those interested may call the Chamber of Commerce, 724-2604, or contact the Chamber at this e-mail address: