Casting site cleared for business use

    Larry Macklin, executive director of the Adams County Economic Development Corp. who has been overseeing the cleanup and the inspections of former Decatur Casting industrial site in Decatur, told the county commissioners on Monday that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management has written a "site-status letter" which says the property poses no threat to the health of people or the environment.
    The IDEM report also noted there are no state or federal environmental concerns in regard to the cleaned-up area.
    The commissioners took the IDEM letter under advisement to let County Attorney Mark Burry look it over and will likely formally accept the letter at next week's meeting.
    Macklin said the land is suitable for business and industrial uses, but will have several "deed restrictions," such as no use for housing or such things as daycare, no agricultural uses, and any gardens planted there must be in raised beds of clean soil.
    Also, at some point ownership of the site will be transferred from the county to the City of Decatur.